NorWesCo Skywarn gets Service Award

At the August Washburn County Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 21, the National Weather Service presented a Special Service Award to the SKYWARN observers active in Sawyer and Washburn Counties. The Weather Service will present this award to those SKYWARN observers active in Burnett County at the September County Board Meeting.

This award was issued from the Central Region offices in Chicago. The award recognized each observers contribution to the NWS Amateur Radio Program. Each observer was given a nice certificate, and the NorWesCo group was presented a handsome plaque.

Those attending the meeting were (photo l-r) KB9MPE-Wil Wisner, WB3AAC-Rich Eckenrode, KB9KRH-Kris Larsen, KB9VXH-Bjorn Larsen, N9PHS-Wes Jones (with plaque), N9VAO-Wally Kruk, KB9JPQ-Pam Kruk, N9QWH-John Lindberg, and W9NNS-Father Bill Joblonske.

Those who could not make the meeting but also received this award were W9EEH-Eugene Hagedorn, N9ZLV-Steve Marek, KB9VOF-Jeff Hormuth, KB9JPR-Ed Zaspel, and KB9RFD-Torben Larsen

At the Burnett County Board meeting on September 20 at 9:30 am the same award was presented to the Burnett and Pine County SKYWARN observers. W9PVD, W0FBN, N9ZVD, N0JOF, KG9PG,.KB9ZAY,. KB9ZBA, KB9YAG, KB9WXD, KB9PFF,KB9KJE, KA9WBA, AA0KU, W9EEH, N9ZLV, KB9VOF, KB9RWI, N0OOV.

Washburn Co. Attendees